About us

Who are we?

We are a group of people, who share the love for nature, respect for cultural heritage of our ancestors, a wish to collaborate and connect with people as well as passion for life and work. Through our projects we strive to show good examples of socially and community useful activities and remind people that everyone has something good to give. When we stand together, we enrich each other's lives. We believe that by joint efforts, with cultural and natural heritage in our minds and through innovative cooperation we will create a good future and make the values of common good and a co-natural lifestyle come alive.

What do we do?

  • we organize trainings, workshops and other education activities with the aim of developing values that will be the core of our future society
  • we develop programmes to empower vulnerable individuals and strengthen the connections among people


  • because we believe that cultural and inclusive relationships are foundation of further societal development
  • because we know that a creative and mature individual can change the world around him/her to the better
  • because it is crucial that people help each other and stand Together


Where are we?

Our main activities take place in the region of Brkini in the municipality of Divača, Slovenia, which is in direct vicinity of our great natural wonder – the Škocjan Caves Park. We work in an extremely rural area and are therefore daily witnessing the vast beauty and many potentials of the rural world, along with its challenges. We are advocates of the rural, because we believe the rural regions to be crucial for the quality of people's life and their identity.