Colourful world

One of the most precious things in life are the bonds between us. We are knitting them all the time, especially when we meet and do something together. Our world is colourful and creative. But the most vivid moments happen when adults and children come together to create and play.

Every workshop brings so many new and unusual things! Pieces of paper, wool, wax or wood are formed into animals, plants, ornaments, instruments etc.

In the second part the workshop becomes a magical place of corn fields with greedy crows and angry farmers, a seabed with jellyfish, trying to catch unsuspecting swimmers with its magical tentacles, a huge cave, where the mighty dragon guards its treasure, while courageous knights try to steal it from him.

The workshops Colourful world are suitable for children of all ages and help link the child's world with that of the adults. There is nothing better than to see giggling little faces and at the same time hear amazed cries of their parents while jumping over a rope and playing together. Playfulness is inside everyone. And so is creativity.

Author of the text: Katyush Manakai, journalist and Waldorf teacher

Project leader: Pina Hu, professor of English and German