LEAFY — Leisure Education Activities For Youth

LEAFY — Leisure Education Activities For Youth

In our organization, we are aware of youth's potential and the fact that young people often don't get the right opportunities. This is why we developed a project called LEAFY (Leisure Education Activities For Youth), focused on young people aged 15 to 30. It focuses on non‑formal learning, building mutual connections and creating with each other.

“Youth is the hope of our future” (Jose Rizal). A well-known phrase and yet too often a forgotten one. Especially at times when young people need space and opportunities to build independence and develop creativity or a chance to be trusted and allowed to learn from experience - key lessons for life. Providing them with opportunities also means standing by their side, passing on knowledge, giving advice, encouraging them and enabling a space for them to meet and connect with each other. Youth are our future, but we create our future together – young and elderly, experience and new ideas, connecting, motivating and sticking together makes this world a better place.

Project description

One of the main activities in LEAFY is non-formal learning in Slovenia. We organize camps for Slovene youth as well as international summer camps, starting in the summer of 2018. The second focus are international camps and youth exchanges abroad.

By doing this, we want to enable young people to explore foreign countries and cultures, as this can help them see things in a different perspective and broaden their horizons. New experience also brings a new appreciation of one's own country and culture. At the same time, we give foreign young people the chance to get to know Slovene country and culture. Cultural exchange strengthens intercultural bonds and promotes mutual action towards humanity’s common good.

Natural surrounding

During the camp activities, youth will be residing and creating in a natural environment, the Slovene Karst. It’s a place where nature and culture meet to form a beautiful cultural landscape. Here, you can feel what it means to be in harmony with nature and how crucial it is for our lives.

Our goal is to present youth with the possibilities and advantages of a quality rural life, to promote living in the countryside and keeping youth in rural areas.

We base our activities on the connection between people and nature, people and culture and connections among people – to build a better world for everyone.

Project leaders and authors of the text: Pina Hu and Katyush Manakai