Landscape of ancestors

Archaeological heritage is our ancestors' legacy in the landscape. The landscape of Karst and Brkini is very rich with this heritage, telling us stories about life in the past. Although it has survived through centuries, this is a delicate legacy, easy to be lost.

In order to prevent the growing degradation of archaeological heritage in the countryside, we launched this project called Landscape of ancestors. By raising awareness of the importance and curiosities of archaeological sites in the local public, we are building a respectful attitude towards this legacy. We organize lectures, tours, exhibitions and workshops to familiarize people with archaeology.

Our goal is sustainable development, therefore we believe that archaeological heritage is a key element to improving the local tourist offer. We cooperate with local tourist service providers and offer professional help with organizing guided tours, preparing trails and other activities to do with the promotion of archaeological heritage.

Project leader and author of the text:

Jošt Hobič, archaeologist