Lasting Harmony

The project 'Lasting Harmony' spreads awareness and presents simple solutions, encourages to develop a nature‑friendly behaviour and reduce consumption.


Learn about the process of making clothes in the past and today and see how we can transform some approaches to improve sustainability.

Touch of nature

Handmade products for everyday use are something special. By using natural materials, such as withe, rope, clay and wood we can bring nature's beauty to every room.

Colourful world

One of the most precious things in life are the bonds between us. We are knitting them all the time, especially when we meet and do something together. Our world is colourful…

Blooming terraces

Herbal medicine is an ancient link between people and nature. Herbs from our environment were once used for different purposes – for our well-being, health and food.

Landscape of ancestors

Archaeological heritage is our ancestors' legacy in the landscape. The landscape of Karst and Brkini is very rich with this heritage, telling us stories about life in the…


A project for youth. Non-formal learning, connecting and creating with each other. Discovering nature, landscapes, new countries and cultures.