Clothing is a part of our everyday life. Clothes accompany us everywhere we go. Every day, we dedicate more time and resources to expressing ourselves through clothes, showing our character with clothes.

Intense industrialization, capitalist production, consumerism of the Western world and globalization (cheap work force and raw materials) have given rise to the so-called "fast fashion." Limiting production costs and increasing production speed have significantly deteriorated the quality of textile and its durability. Which means that today, we live in a world of cheap clothes and we accumulate waste fabric. These types of fabric are mostly not made of natural raw materials, but rather of artificial ones (e.g. polyesters and nanomaterials), which makes them environmentally unfriendly, as they need 100 or more years to decompose. This is a nuisance for the environment and for our planet.

The purpose of this project is to show people the whole process of how clothes were made in the past and how they are made today, in order to raise awareness and spread the value of living a sustainable life.

The project THREAD aims to achieve the following:

- bring awareness of the whole process of making clothes, starting with sowing quality seeds and all the way to the final product - a clothing item;

- show the difference between the approach to clothing in the past and today.

 Project activities:

- theoretical and practical workshops for adults;

- summer activities for children and youth within the SKULtivIRAJ SE summer camps.

In addition to conveying theoretical knowledge (learning about the heritage of spinning, weaving, tailoring and sewing clothes), we will adopt a practical approach in learning techniques of making yarn and fabrics and try our hand at tailoring and sewing. We will focus on the heritage of the Karst and Brkini Region, while considering world heritage on the topic as well.

Spinners still occupy a special place in many nations' cultures. They are the ones who spin the thread and make sure threads are always connected and never break during the spinning process.

We welcome everyone who wants to take a step in changing the attitude towards clothing, influence a change of life on Earth and create a better future for generations to come